What Our Clients Say

State Senator Michael Williams

“Seth has an in-depth understanding of the mind and behavior of Georgia Republican Primary voters. He also had an aggressive passion for politics and most importantly, for winning.

…we were going up against a 30 year incumbent that was the 4th most senior member of the Georgia State Senate. It was the single most expensive State Senate race in Georgia during 2014.

To say that we were against the odds would be an understatement. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent attacking me. Seth always had the perfect counter-punch that was delivered with force and precision.

With Seth and Weathers Corp’s creative and against the grain strategies, we were able to win the election with the largest margin of victory against an incumbent Senator in the history of GA, 66% to 34%. I could continue to rave about Seth, but I believe those types of numbers speak louder than anything I could say.”

@williamsforga | fb.com/williamsforga

What Our Clients Say

State Rep. Steve Tarvin

 “Seth directed my successful State House campaign in 2013 where I was outspent 5 to 1. It was a three candidate race with both my opponents being very popular establishment favorites. Our campaign was without political endorsements and without support from establishment candidates. We soundly won the election 54% – 46% in the runoff with the endorsement of the voters.

Seth is a dedicated, hard-working individual with an uncanny ability to reach the thought process of the Georgia voter. He is excellent at communication and promotion and has a great ability to get a candidate’s voters to the polls.”

@stevetarvin | fb.com/votetarvin

What Our Clients Say

Former Commissioner Ashley Bell

“Seth has a brilliant take on the psychology of southern voters. He gets the trends and knows when to “go” after an issue. He would be an outstanding addition to a any campaign willing to lay it on the line to win. He doesn’t mess around.”


What Our Clients Say

Commissioner Tommy Hunter

“[Seth’s] ability to get in touch with people and make a passionate plea on the behalf of a candidate that he truly believed in allowed us to reach our fundraising goals. His determination to push me when I’d rather not be, kept me walking and door knocking for days on end.

His knowledge of targeted social media helped to spread our message and to point out the shortcomings of my opponent. With Seth’s determination to flat not let me lose, we prevailed that night in the runoff and went on to win an unopposed General Election with a record 62,000+ votes. I highly recommend my consultant and friend, Seth Weathers in any campaign where the candidate simply doesn’t want to lose.


What Our Clients Say

Charles R. Shaw III - GAPB

“My Professional Business Organization (G.A.P.B.) was so impressed with Seth’s political acumen that we engaged Weathers Corp in December, 2011.  We have introduced Legislation now three (3) years in a row (all be it each time at the bottom of the ninth) and on each occasion Seth delivered successfully and our Legislative initiatives have each year become law.

I could go on and on gloating about Seth and his impressive abilities and level of influence, but I submit that simply stated, Seth is a person you want on your team when the stakes are high and the job needs to get done. Seth clearly loves his work and is a person who does what it takes to meet the objective.

I would without reservation highly recommend M. Seth Weathers for any type of Political Strategist, Lobbyist, and/or Campaign Manager position.”

Charles Rhea Shaw III
Georgia Association of Professional Bondsmen
Vice President / Legislative Chair