Stop the ads! Avoid a runoff by voting today!

This is it.  After many months and even years of hard work it all comes down to today. Election Day. Democrats hope to turn the state purple while Georgia Republicans hope to hang on to its red state status.

Every election cycle you are told that it could very well be “the most important election of your lifetime.”  I’ll save that warning for the next one.  But I will remind you of some of the hotly contested races we have on the ballot today.


    I’ve gotten to know David and his wife Bonnie over the course of this election and I cannot say enough great things about them.  I believe David is one of the most qualified candidates we will ever send to DC to represent us.  Very few people have the knowledge that one obtains through years of leading some of America’s most well known brands such as Sara Lee, Reebok and others.  David is extremely accomplished in life and business and has nothing to gain from going to the US Senate.  But he does have much to give.  I can be a very cynical person, but I believe that.  The attack ads are just that, attack ads.  I will proudly cast my ballot for David Perdue!


    Deal has done a good job as Governor and deserves another 4 years.  What he accomplished with criminal justice reform is nothing less than historic.  The AJC reported that prison sentences imposed on black offenders has dropped 20 percent.  TWENTY-PERCENT DECREASE IN SENTENCES!  If you cannot find another reason to vote for him, vote on this alone.  THIS SHOULD BE MAKING NATIONAL HEADLINES! EVERY. SINGLE. DAMN. DAY.  This has an incredible impact on black families that cannot be understated.  And it was done by a Republican Governor. What have Democrats done for blacks in Georgia?   On the other hand, Georgia Democrats have sent out incredibly nasty race baiting mailers to voters in an attempt to link Georgia Republicans with the Democrat controlled Ferguson Missouri.


    Over the last few years I have been fortunate enough to work with Jesse on several issues. He has got to be one of the nicest people to ever work under the Gold Dome.  He’s also one of the most thoughtful and detail focused people within the legislature.  He has a deep understand of the legislation before him that is seldom seen.

    His district seems to be heading Democrat and he has a challenger this year.  His challenger has already resorted to name calling and false accusations in an attempt to sway voters. Don’t let these nasty political attacks keep you from voting for one of the most honest and ethical men in the State Senate!  I only wish I could vote in his district.  If you can, please do!

There are many other great candidates on the ballot this year but these are a few that are in contested races that warranted mentioning.  I will also be voting for the entire Republican ticket. Yes, even the candidates I didn’t support in the Primary Election.  Assuming you are a Republican, you should too. We aren’t children who take our things and go home when things don’t go our way.  Are we?

If you are unsure of your voting location visit the Georgia Secretary of State’s, My Voter Page to find out. Polls close at 7PM!

Happy voting,

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